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12" x 12" In Custom Wood Frame.

Signed and Titled On The Back Side.

Patio currently resides and creates in Austin, Texas. As a multidisciplinary artist hailing from the eastern seaboard, Patio finds inspiration in the dichotomy between water and their profound affection for the arid landscapes of West Texas. Specializing in mixed media visual arts, Patio’s background in art therapy and interior design informs their creative journey. Their artistic vision revolves around the interplay of color and organic shapes using pigment and raw canvas.

This collection merges the solid, arid landscape of the desert with the fluid, ever-changing nature of the ocean. Just as the desert and ocean represent contrasting environments, the artworks in this collection reflect the artist’s personal journey. Through the therapeutic process of painting and deconstruction, the artist explores the interplay between solidity and fluidity, showcasing the transformative influence of creativity visually.

Through the blending of colors and breaking of boundaries, a dialogue unfolds between the solid land and fluid water, reflecting the unity of inner and outer worlds. These pieces encapsulate the healing power of creativity, blending art therapy principles with painting assemblage. By inviting viewers to explore the value of honesty in their introspection and external experiences, the artist encourages an embrace of life’s contrasts and finds beauty in welcoming vulnerability and change.