In The Gallery

For our 1 Year Anniversary, we asked 3 artists featured in Golden Mean to design a limited edition t-shirt. Currently on view in the gallery and available for purchase here!

The 3 featured artists are: Crayon Blood, Studio Orch, and Ryan Bataillon.

10% of merch proceeds will be donated to Future Front: One of the only non-profits homegrown in ATX dedicated to supporting, creating opportunity, and resources for women & LGBTQ+ creatives based in Texas.


Golden Mean is pleased to announce Jello Mom Vintage holding residency in our gallery space from January 13th - Feb 25th 2024! The best of the best men’s & women’s vintage clothing by Austin based curator and stylist Katelyn Mitchell.


"candy land" by Tanya Zal

On view from November 2nd 2023 - January 7th 2024.

Golden Mean is pleased to present “candy land,” a whimsical collection of unique ceramic pieces by Tanya Zal of Heart Of Goo. Originally from New York, where she completed her BFA in 2010, Tanya has spent the last decade in Austin, TX establishing an art practice and building connections within the creative community. She also provides care as a full spectrum doula. Her work is inspired by a curiosity about what makes us feel held, and the things we hold close. For this gallery exhibition, these super sweet pieces have been baked, dressed up, decorated, frosted and swirled. An indulgent playful daydream.

"FAUX"By Jasmine Archie of Pretty Shitty Cakes.

This exhibition features various cake & dessert style sculptures sourced & handmade in Austin, TX. Pretty Shitty Cakes was created in late 2020. Jasmine has lived in Austin, TX since 2017 and originally from Nashville, TN. She has been a photographer since 2014 & stumbled into a new creative outlet when she turned 25 & didn’t want a normal birthday cake. Her dislike for the taste of cake accompanied by her love of creating led to the birth of Pretty Shitty Cakes. Where cake could sit on your counter, look pretty & be a forever reminder of a special moment. Fake bakes have been around for a while but PSC set out to be an integral part of the home decor space due to Jasmines love of interior design. Jasmine’s work explores a whimsical approach on cake sculptures & what that could mean for home decor. Jasmine and her Pretty Shitty Cakes have been featured in The NYTimes, Vogue, VICE, Architectural Digest,  EATER, Refinery29 and many more.

On view from September 14th - October 29th


Golden Mean is pleased to present “FACTORY SETTING” by Austin, TX based artist Conner Yarbrough.

“This show is dedicated to my Nana, who taught me to speak to trees and leave treats for the fairies that lived in them.

These paintings were created over three years when destruction was integral for regrowth and balance had to be discovered amidst chaos. By leaning into automatic and blind contour drawing, I found myself creating/breaking my own rules and forming a visual language that I’m still learning to translate. Whether they started in a sketchbook or as large scale drawings on my bedroom walls, each painting encapsulates a meditative exploration through line and color that guide me back to the moment with breadcrumbs in composition.”  


On view from July 6th - September 10th


Golden Mean is pleased to present in the gallery: “THESE ARE THE DAYS,” by Rob Chase. This exclusive exhibition features Lettering, Lines, & Mantras on a curation of vintage frames & mirrors all sourced in Texas. Rob has lived and worked in Austin, TX since 2014 and is originally from Pittsburg, PA. He fell into calligraphy in 2017, a passion which opened the door to other styles of lettering including sign painting, hand lettering, and muraling. Informed by his background in music theory and composition, Rob's work seeks to explore avenues of creativity and improvisation while paying homage to the structures of traditional lettering and typography. 

 On view April 20th - June 25th 2023



Golden Mean is pleased to present MEMENTO MARY: a unique offering and unveiling of fifteen original polaroids by Keli Ma. The artist’s mythopoeic and multimedia practice explores metatheology through a lens of decoloniality and non-duality. 


Set against a lush South Texas horizon, this series highlights the artist’s sculpture, MEMENTO MA, which was permanently installed in a sanctuary garden in 2021. The cloaked celestial postulates connections between the irrepressible image of Mother Mary, the wild wisdom of nature, the mysteries of ritual, the divinity of being and the necessity of death. 


Layers of symbolic awareness are reinforced by a swirling vortex of individually-custom-marbled-altar-like frames that gently and naively nudge the viewer to read more deeply. By compounding mediums, MEMENTO Mary suggests stories are always stranger than they seem.

On view March 2nd - April 16th 2023